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Changji, Xinjiang, energy-saving renovation of existing buildings completed

Changji, Xinjiang, energy-saving renovation of existing buildings completed

2014-01-02 00:00
Xinjiang Daily (reported by Correspondent Si Weifeng) Entering the winter, Uncle Yang, a resident who lives in Building 18, Jianyou District, Changji City, Xinjiang, told the author that insulation boards were pasted on the exterior walls of residential buildings last year. Looks happier than ever.
As of the end of 2013, Changji Prefecture has implemented and completed the existing building energy-saving renovation and heat metering simultaneous renovation with a total construction area of ??1.5567 million square meters, completing 304% of the annual planned tasks. The newly built heating mains network was 74.2 kilometers, completing 190.3% of the annual planned tasks; the old heating pipeline network was reconstructed 21.78 kilometers, completing 145.2% of the planned tasks. Newly built residential buildings across the state fully implement the 65% building design energy efficiency standards and pass the review of construction drawings.
It is understood that in 2013, Changji City invested 60 million yuan to carry out energy-saving renovation of 85 old buildings, including 200,000 square meters of heat metering renovation, and 150,000 square meters of external wall thermal insulation and energy-saving renovation. After the renovation, nearly one Tens of thousands of residents stayed warm in the winter.
Ma Guidong, Deputy Secretary-General of Xinjiang Urban Heating Association and member of Changji Prefecture Heating Expert Group, introduced that building energy efficiency refers to the implementation of energy-saving standards and the use of energy-saving in the planning, design, new construction (reconstruction, expansion), renovation and use of buildings. Type technology, process, equipment, materials and products to improve thermal insulation performance and the efficiency of heating and heating, air-conditioning refrigeration and heating systems. The energy-saving renovation of existing residential buildings in Changji City includes the addition of polystyrene panels to the walls; the conversion of old leaky iron windows and wooden windows into plastic-steel windows; basement roof insulation; and unit door bucket renovation. Through the above-mentioned energy-saving measures, the room temperature after the transformation can be increased by at least 5 degrees Celsius, which is at least 40% energy-saving compared to before the transformation, saving more than 700 tons of standard coal each year.
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