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Closed management "Code" action --Pengcheng Group strictly implements the system of the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau on closed management of projects

Closed management "Code" action --Pengcheng Group strictly implements the system of the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau on closed management of projects

2020-03-09 00:00
At present, the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the engineering construction field has entered the "most strenuous" critical stage. Pengcheng Group insists on prevention and control according to law, scientific prevention and control, and precise implementation of policies, strengthens the control of key populations and key places, and strives to pay close attention to each Measures to improve the scientific, precise and pertinence of epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the safety and stability of the construction site. In order to implement the document deployment requirements of the "Notice of the Shenzhen Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau on Strengthening the Closed Management of Engineering Projects and Implementing the Code Entry and Exit System", combined with the actual situation of the company's project epidemic prevention and control, Pengcheng Group made the following deployment.
Overall planning and comprehensive strengthening of closed management
At present, 9 of the 20 projects under construction in Shenzhen of Pengcheng Group have resumed work and production. The total plan is to resume work with 1,211 labor workers and 512 on-the-job laborers. The extremely complex working environment and the large number of laborers require us It is necessary to strictly implement the closed management requirements, enclose the construction area, living area, office area and other functional areas. Each enclosed area retains an entrance and exit. The construction operation area is also reasonably partitioned according to the content of the operation, and special personnel are assigned for management. Personnel are strictly prohibited to enter, and project employees are not allowed to go out unless they have to.
Strictly manage the living area, reduce the flow of people in the living area, avoid close contact, use buildings and rooms as the management unit, and urge practitioners not to gather and communicate. If the living area and construction area are set up separately, strengthen the verification and comparison of the entrance and exit personnel information, and timely Understand the abnormal situation, follow up and deal with it in time.
Highlight key points and comprehensively strengthen personal information scan code registration
Pengcheng Group’s engineering projects posted project-specific QR codes in eye-catching locations on the spot, organized practitioners to scan the QR code to register their personal information truthfully through the official account of the “Shenzhen Construction Industry Real-Name System”, and insisted on scanning the QR code to register, "not missing a project" , "Do not miss a person", and uniformly supplement the registration of those who stay behind before the holiday. Those who have not registered by scanning the code are not allowed to enter the venue. Organize special personnel to track and supervise the health of employees. "Daily Declaration" requires personnel to truthfully declare personal temperature and other health conditions sooner or later.
Strengthen management and control, and fully implement a code inspection system for personnel entering and exiting
Project practitioners entering and exiting the construction area, living area, office area and other areas, need to show the personal information QR code produced by the system after scanning the code and registering personal information in the "Shenzhen Construction Industry Real-name System" public account, and implement the code-holding inspection system: The first is to strictly implement the "entry and exit code" requirements. All personnel must explain the reason for entry and exit when entering and exiting, and show the personal information QR code. If there is no personal information QR code, the guard will instruct them to scan the code on the spot. Otherwise, no entry or exit is allowed. The second is to strictly implement the requirements of "inspection required for entry and exit". The entrance and exit duty personnel shall check the personal information QR code of each entry and exit personnel. For the first scan code registration personnel, they shall randomly check the travel trajectory inquiry certificate provided by their mobile phone operators for the past 14 days. , And conduct a temperature test at the same time. Once a person with a history of residence, contact history or abnormal body temperature is found, immediately report to the project leader for disposal according to regulations.
Strictly supervise and comprehensively strengthen the inspection and supervision of the company's inspection team
The company's safety inspection team must ensure that safety inspections cover all projects in a timely manner, supervise the project to strictly implement closed management, implement a personnel code entry and exit system, and ensure that the company's projects fully implement the document deployment requirements.
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